It's not Scott or Rich at CBX, and we still don't have Victory Brewing in KY, but the Beer Trappe looks like a mighty fine watering hole to me.

To Vima and Chucktown,

With all of the craziness and chaos over the past few months, I will say I’m happy to be in Lexington. I’m finally feeling like I’m living here…with nothing but Kentucky blue skies and humidity-filled laziness awaiting me over the next few months. And possibly some unpacking.

After hours of discussion and negotiation, Ajzig and I have our bookshelf up and running and a tentative bar situation set up. Life couldn’t get much better.

Amazing news also greeted us upon our return from a whirlwind tour of the Lowcountry, the Caribbean, the Midlands and the Queen City.

Biggest freakin’ news yet: a craft beer store and bar aptly titled, “The Beer Trappe,” just moved in down the streetliterally. Ajzig and I can now grab a brewskie from one of eight daily-changing taps, pick up an experimental six-pack of something to try or a consummate fan favorite and then head back to the homestead, leaving our 10,000 lb vehicle in the driveway.

How’s that for carbon savings? I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty psyched. We sampled a Bell’s HopSlam a couple of nights ago and took home a six-pack of Schlafly’s American IPA. Hadn’t seen it before–I think it’s seasonal. Reviews and photos to come. I feel like I couldn’t adequately review the Schlafly’s post-HopSlam. My tastebuds were just too tainted.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that we’re up and running. Summertime in Lexington has O-fficially begun.



One response to “Summertime.!

  1. The Bell’s HopSlam is fantastic. Though it is pretty hard to find; I’ll take Two-Hearted Ale anytime too. Good luck in KY!

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