Summering with Fannie and Sofie

A couple of weeks ago, AjZig and I decided to reward our recent  bout of hard work and cure our hot weather woes with a growler of deliciousness from the Beer Trappe.

Purchasing a growler is a bit of a game-changer, too.

Having a full growler in your refrigerator does not mandate you to finish the beer that night, by any means. But you could. Or you could have two or three good friends over to help out. There are so many possibilities with a growler that a six-pack just doesn’t give you. And –it’s called a growler–the utmost in toughness.

We headed on down to the Trappe and were pleasantly surprised at a few options on draft. While there’s the ever-present temptation to go hoppy or go home for AjZig and I, we decided on something fun, light and cheery – a farmhouse ale from Chicago’s Goose Island Brewing named Sofie. And she was pretty.

Sofie came in a bit over-budget… so much so that I wanted to get our old friends at CBX on the phone with Trappe — to give some friendly pricing advice. Fortunately for the bar clientele, AjZig calmed me down and got me home, where we started on our next adventure: dinner.

Some of you know that we’re involved in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) here in Lexington. After two months, I am converted.

Hook, line and sinker– I’m in bed with organic, local produce like Lebron and Miami. We’re eating Patty Pan Squash like Potato Chips, and Blackberries like Klondike Bars. Maybe I’m exaggerating…but our CSA(s) truly have been a challenging sort of fun.

I mean, what’s more of a riot than two heads of cabbage and a bagful of beets me?

That night, we were staring at a couple of lively green tomatoes…upon first glance, their role was simply to tantalize us until next week’s first crop of juicy reds.

But, come on…we lived in Charleston for seven years.! And my family migrated to Mobile for five. My mother, a native of Vermont, cooks the best crawfish etouffee this side of the Mississippi.!!

That’s when it came to me. Green tomatoes. Whistle Stop, Alabama. Mrs. Threadgoode. Barbecued Frank Bennett. Mary Kay Cosmetics. Idgie. Smokey.  May I say that Fannie Flagg was my idol throughout middle school.?

Fried Green Tomatoes. Yep. We were going to conquer this southern delicacy, an appetizer standard of of lazy porches and sweet tea.  And recipes are for amateurs.

I thought that they turned out quite good… crunchy, salty, sweet and tangy. Magnolia’s ain’t got nothin’ on us.

This photo might not do it justice, but homemade fried green tomatoes and Sofie Saison made a pretty picture to me.!

The Sofie was supreme, even if it was priced a bit proud. This Saison poured out typically hazy, but was quite light in color.

Cool but tangy, with plenty of character, the Sofie changed flavor profiles as it warmed, with the yeast increasingly taking on a leading role. I felt like this beer was a bit luxurious to be labeled a farmhouse ale, but I guess they don’t all have to smell like a barnyard to be legitimate.

The fried green tomatoes made a nice pair with our Sofie — frivolous and light, but rooted in tradition. We cleaned our plates.

Yes, we should have probably used a tulip glass for the Sofie, and I probably should have whipped up an aioli to go with our FGTs, but, as in life, sometimes you just have to buck the rules; the world of gastronomy is up against the same demons as a young married couple desperately fighting tradition.

Here’s to combination, carbonation and motivation, folks.!



2 responses to “Summering with Fannie and Sofie

  1. Sounds like Unc Jim and I should be comin over for dinner!

  2. Count Dad & I in for dinner in as well! Your FGT’s look much prettier than mine!

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